Zebra Technologies (ZBRA) Strong Numbers Signals, Lannett Company (LCI) FDA Green Light for Bioequiv



http://pennyomega.com/img/zbra.jpg Zebra Technologies Corp. (ZBRA)

ZBRA reported that it expects to report sales for the first quarter of 2014 in the range of $287,000,000 to $289,000,000, or 21% over the $236,937,000 in sales reported for the same period the prior year, while ZBRA's earnings are expected in a range of $0.79 to $0.82 per share, up approximately 74% from $0.46 per share for the first quarter of 2013.

ZBRA also announced that it will acquire Motorola's Enterprise business for $3.45 billion in an all-cash transaction.


ZBRA offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization's assets, people and transactions, enabling organizations to unlock greater business value.

More about Zebra Technologies Corp. (ZBRA) at www.Zebra.com.


http://pennyomega.com/img/crwe_logo.jpg Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE)

CRWE is currently developing its CRWE Network (CRWE-PR.com), a social networking service compatible with both, the mobile and desktop web platform, that is designed to target all the communities in the U.S. and Canada.

Update: The CRWE Network, which business model is based on selling advertising to local businesses, has reached the 431th community website in the U.S., associated with 1887 ZIP Codes, and includes coverage of the greater state of California, Northern and Southern Nevada, Wellington in Florida and 9 provinces in Canada

The CRWE Network also is in the process of building an online medical marijuana informational and directory search platform. (http://medicalmarijuana.crwe-pr.com) The purpose of the site is to connect people with information in reference to the industry and patients to a network of physicians, dispensaries and more in reference to States with approved Medical Marijuana usage.

The addition of having CRWE-PR’s online medical marijuana news, information and directory is based on the momentum the industry has taken in positioning itself for additional grow in the future.


CRWE provides marketing solutions that boost customer awareness and merchant visibility on the Internet.

More about Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (CRWE) at www.crownequityholdings.com


http://pennyomega.com/img/lci.jpg Lannett Company, Inc. (LCI)

LCI reported that it has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of its Abbreviated New Drug Application for Diazepam Oral Solution (Concentrate), 5 mg/mL, a Schedule C-IV controlled drug.

Diazepam Oral Solution (Concentrate), 5 mg/mL, is therapeutically equivalent to the reference listed drug, Diazepam Intensol Oral Solution (Concentrate), 5 mg/mL, of Roxane Laboratories, Inc.


LCI develops, manufactures, packages, markets and distributes generic pharmaceutical products for a wide range of medical indications.

More about Lannett Company, Inc. (LCI) at www.lannett.com.


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